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My mother’s father was a blue-collar steel worker and her mom a nurse. My father grew up on a Farm where my grandfather worked as a rural mail carrier to subsidize farming.Growing up in rural Oswego County, my father worked for New Holland and my mother was a nurse. I learned hard work from both of them. Compassion and service from my mother.

One of my best friends lived on a dairy farm while another the had horses. I spent late winters and early springs playing basketball in a hay mound, only to work and fill it back up in early summer. I spent enough time on the farm that my friend’s mom simply referred to me as her 3rd son. That’s where I learned what hard work really is. Farming is hard. Farmers work from dawn till dusk. It’s a dirty, thankless job that makes America run. I’ve never met more hard-working people than the family farmer.


"I love this community. I have a desire to serve, to help people"

 After College I began my law enforcement career as a Police Officer with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. This is where I learned about community service, recognized the needs of people and learned to respect everyone. I retired in 2019 after 20 years of service. I first learned about Northern Cayuga County while attending a harvest party / campfire on State Route 38 in the Town of Sterling with friends. Little did I know, I would meet my future wife that night. She was from Fair Haven / Sterling and loved her community. Legion band, Big Bo’s, the west side and of course the bay. Overtime, I understood why and how special northern Cayuga County is.  This is where I learned about "community" and what community really means. I have yet to find an area with better "community" than Northern Cayuga County. 

In 2022 I became the code's official for the Town of Sterling. I didn’t apply for the Town of Sterling Code’s job because I wanted to be a code officer. I accepted the position because I love this community. I have a desire to serve, to help people and contribute positively to our community. Let's work together to ensure Ira, Sterling and Victory stay amazing places to live and raise a family.

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