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Our Family is our Community

In 2008 our son Ethan was born. It’s amazing how much being parent changes your perspective on life. In 2012 while working as a N.Y.S Trooper his mother was tragically killed in a motor vehicle collision. I suddenly become a full-time single parent to 4-year-old boy. 


Shortly after his mother died; I learned Ethan had autism. I didn’t fully realize what that meant. It’s challenging being a single parent, even more so due to Autism. I love my son. He has taught me patience and to appreciate the little things in life.

He is my hero.


Balancing full-time work, parenting and a household

 on your own takes a lot of energy, focus and love. 

This is where I learned to put into practice HARD 


and RESILIENCY. Attributes I learned growing up 

without  realizing how much I would need them as

as adult and in service to others.

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