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2023 Cayuga County Legislature Debate


The Plan

 My campaign is focused on making meaningful and lasting changes in our community. We are dedicated to listening to the needs of our constituents and taking action on their behalf. "We believe in a government that serves its people and works hard for the betterment of all."  Our team is passionate about creating a brighter future for everyone in our district area and beyond. We need your help to make it happen.                                                            Jonathan

1. Fight to Protect and Preserve our water and natural resources

Partner with State and local officials to ensure we all have clean air and clean drinking water.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

2. Take our concerns to Auburn and ensure our equal share of tax dollar distributions.


Work to establish a County satellite office within district one ensuring local access to vital county services.

Image by Isabella Fischer

Veterans Service Agency

Office of the Aging

Office of Mental Health

Children and Family Services




As an independent I look forward to giving you a voice in Auburn as  your County Legislator. I've worked nearly my entire adult life in public service. I believe government should be in the business of people, and not government itself. 

Today, our state of politics is broken and only serves to divide neighbor against neighbor.

Since I am not registered to a political party, having the support of people regardless of political  party is vital not only the success of our campaign but also our community. 

Local politics shouldn't be about Republican vs Democrat. It should be about doing what is right for our community and working together to get it done. 

As a fiscal conservative it's important to hold government accountable and ensure our tax dollars are being used fairly, responsibly and in the best interest of our community.

It's an honor  to be endorsed and have the support of democrats, papow, many republicans and independents throughout our district.

People over Politics isn't just my slogan - it's my passion.

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